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Products > Automatic System > Radio Shuttle Racking > Radio Shuttle Racking
Product name : Radio Shuttle Racking
Item : SS-R001
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Radio shuttle racking system is the improvement of drive in racking system. For the drive in racking, the aisle is narrow. As a result, forklift drives slowly when loading the pallets, leading to lower efficiency. Radio shuttle can solve this problem effectively. Because it is automatic, it can move speedily in the aisle. Forklift just needs to put the shuttle at the starting position of the aisle. There is no need for the forklift to go through. Then by remote control, pallets will be loaded and unloaded automatically.

Comparing with drive in racking, radio shuttle racking system has four advantages.

*Faster speed on loading and unloading pallets

*Less damage on racking

*Storing more goods

*Automatic tallying

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