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Product name : Roller Conveyor
Item : SS-R001
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Roller conveyor

Roller conveyor is widely used in conveying all types of cartons, bags, and pallets. It can convey single heavy goods and impact load as well as variety kinds of goods on the same sorting system with big throughput, high speed, light operation.


According to drive mode: powered roller conveyor and unpowered roller conveyor, According to placement, it can be divided into horizontal roller conveyor, inclining roller conveyor and turning roller conveyor, and we can also customize different types of the roller conveyors.

• Profile material: carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum profile
• Roller material: PVC, carbon steel(galvanized),stainless steel, rubber coat
• Drive mode: Gear motor drive, Electric roller drive
• Drive way: sprocket
double chainO-belthigh-speed form of flat beltV-ribbed belt
• Equipment characteristics
Power roller conveyor should take the tensile strength of single chain into consideration during designing, it should not be too long
• Angle: 30 -180 degrees


It’s easy to connect and transit between roller conveyors. It can be used in complex logistics conveying system which consists of multiple roller conveyors and other conveyors to reach various craft needs and accumulated conveying of material. Roller conveyor has simple structure, high reliability, and simply maintenance.

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